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Six Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Six Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Our economy is strong as ever here in the Tri-Cities. It seems like every downtown is always under construction as we welcome new businesses and residents by the thousands each year. We are fortunate to have excellent businesses throughout the region committed to quality customer service and care. From fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops, we have a strong and industrious backbone here in the foothills and mountains of East Tennessee.


The fall brings millions of tourists to Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, and the charming small towns in between. As the leaves change and fall, our area begins preparing for winter. If you have been through a few winters here, you know how important it is to make sure your commercial property is ready for a long cold season. That includes making sure your property is thoroughly pressure washed. Here are five tips for making sure your business is clean and ready for winter. 


1) Clean Your Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Your business’s sidewalks and parking lots may be as important as your front door. They are the first impression customers get of your property. However, it is easy to neglect them on your list of cleaning priorities. It can seem like an out of sight, out of mind situation for you and your employees. In winter, messy parking lots and sidewalks can be more apparent. 

The colorful trees, flowers, and landscaping that would typically distract visitors go in hiding when the mercury dips. Meanwhile, leaves and wind-driven debris will leave stains on your concrete and asphalt. Furthermore, ice melting products will stain these surfaces. Winter is a great time to have your parking lot pressure washed. 

2) Clean Your Patios and Outdoor Seating

Your employee and customer outdoor seating areas are something you think about cleaning in spring and summer, but most years, you probably close those spaces up during winter. However, with social distancing still being practiced, you may be trying to maintain your patio and deck seating options with heaters. It is vital to make sure these areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

You might use the winter season to deep clean your outdoor spaces most years. Whether or not you are packing it up this year, your furniture, the patio, the deck, and other outdoor surfaces will benefit from pressure washing and soft washing this winter. 

3) Clean Your Bricks and Stone

Do you have beautiful masonry and stonework around your property? You want to preserve their aesthetics. Winter can be brutal on these surfaces. Fallen leaves, salt and ice melting products, and other dirt and grime will get wet and stain your bricks and stone. This grime looks terrible and can ultimately reduce the lifespan of your surfaces. If you want to maintain the beauty and longevity of your brick and stone through winter and beyond, you will need to consider having it pressure washed. 

4) Clean Your Roof

While you do not want your company to have a ceiling, you know the roof of your building is vital. A small roof leak can have a tremendous impact on your property. Water damage leads to mold and mildew development and expensive repairs. When leaves pile up on your roof, they will trap moisture that freezes during winter. By mid-winter, you could have a giant, heavy block of ice, laden with fallen leaves pressing on your roof. This will almost inevitably lead to holes forming, moisture leaking in, and expensive repairs by spring. 

5) Clean After Winter Storms

It can be truly magical to watch snow fall during winter in East Tennessee. As you sit by the fire watching flakes whiten the hills and mountains, you might forget all about the mess winter storms leave behind. However, when it comes time to open your shop or business, piles of snow mixed with debris and ice melting solutions can stain your sidewalks, parking lots, and outdoor surfaces. When mud and grim are all that remain after the snow melts, you need a professional pressure washing company to help. 

For businesses in the Tri-Cities, Cates Pressure Washing can help you keep your company’s property looking great all winter long. Contact the team at Cates Pressure Washing for more information about how we can make your businesses’ surfaces beautiful.