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Pressure Washing Services We Offer

You hear a lot about HIGH PRESSURE WASHING, but in a lot of cases a better job is done and no chance of damage with low pressure. Especially on vinyl siding and insulated windows. We offer hot water pressure washing, low pressure washing, and high pressure washing when needed. The job is done using top grade cleaning products that are designed for your special needs. We offer the same quality products & pressure washing services and deck cleaning to all customers (Residential and Commercial). There are a wide variety of pressure washing services available.

no pressure roof cleaning0img

No Pressure Roof Cleaning

We now are certified to perform no pressure roof cleaning to remove those ugly black mold and mildew stains on shingle roofs and add years of life to your roof without causing damage by pressure washing. Call today for a FREE quote and more info on the procedure.

brick cleaning img

Brick Cleaning

Done using an acid-based product and procedure designed for your particular brick need.

power washing img

Power Washing

Done with hot water and again with top grade cleaning products designed for your job. This is done with high pressure and will remove black streaks from brick, concrete, and more.

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Low Pressure Washing

Low pressure washing is used to clean areas which are susceptible to damage with high pressure.

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Concrete Pressure Washing

Done using Mosmatic surface cleaners along with concrete cleaning solutions to guarantee you will get an excellent job that you will be satisfied with. Don’t ever let someone clean your concrete using a wand with the WRONG nozzle and damage your concrete. About 60% of our work is concrete cleaning in residential and commercial areas.

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Concrete Sealing

Done using one of the top rated products on the market today. We use a product called Fox Fire for concrete cleaning and concrete sealing. This is a penetrating product that doesn’t change the color of concrete and will not become slippery when wet. We presently use this product on all Mith Cox Construction Projects with 100% satisfaction.

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Graffiti Removal

Done using a sand blasting unit to safely remove graffiti from any surface.

deck cleaning low

Deck Cleaning

Deck cleaning and sealing is also done using a Fox Fire product to restore your deck to its new look and keeping it there.

horse trailers img

Horse Trailers

Done using various cleaning products used for aluminum and stainless steel trailers. Using the right product, we can give them that bright, new look again.

Areas Served

Asheville, NC – Bristol, TN – Elizabethton, TN – Johnson City, TN – Kingsport, TN