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Professional Pressure WashingThere is inherent, natural beauty in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee. Even for long-time residents, watching the sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains is breathtaking. The millions of acres of virtually untouched land beckon people to explore thousands of miles of hiking trails. Fast-moving creeks flow into majestic rivers, which feed spectacular lakes in the foothills and mountains. Whether you enjoy camping, mountain biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, you can find it within a short drive of Kingsport, Bristol, or Johnson City, TN.

We take pride in our beautiful area, a pride that spills over into the way we want to care for our property. Whether it is commercial or residential, we want to make sure our homes and businesses reflect the aesthetics of our region. However, sometimes the climate and weather do not cooperate with our vision for clean outdoor surfaces.  We can clean every day and still not keep up with the dirt and grime that will build up on concrete, siding, decks, porches, patios, and furniture. That is why it is important to create a routine of pressure washing. At the same time, some sensitive outdoor surfaces can be damaged by highly pressurized water. Soft washing is an alternative to traditional power washing systems. Here is what you need to know about soft washing in the Tri-Cities area.

Soft Washing Experts in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee | Cates Pressure Washing

Soft washing is a technique professional pressure washing technicians use to clean surfaces that could be damaged or have difficulty withstanding traditional power washing systems. The output of water will be at a much lower pressure while we implement a powerful but environmentally-friendly cleaning solution that does the majority of the work. Soft washing is the perfect technique for a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Brickwork and quality masonry
  • Older decks and sensitive patio material
  • Many kinds of outdoor furniture
  • Exterior glass windows and decoration
  • Many types of siding
  • Fencing materials
  • Surfaces that are near plants and landscape that could be damaged by highly pressurized water

Cates Pressure Washing provides the highest quality soft washing services to residents of Johnson City and East Tennessee. We have decades of experience cleaning exterior surfaces in the area, so we have developed an eye for when and where to employ soft washing techniques. Whether you have residential or commercial property that needs to be cleaned, we can determine the right processes and techniques to use to protect and preserve your property.

If you are ready to learn more about how to clean your outdoor surfaces with soft washing, contact the team at Cates Pressure Washing today