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Pressure Washing Johnson City TNJohnson City, TN, has become one of the fastest-growing cities in East Tennessee. New residents are moving here by the thousands, while new businesses are opening almost rapidly to meet the demand for great food, shopping, and entertainment. Just a few of the things attracting people to our area include:

  • Buffalo Mountain Park, with its hiking trails and vast views of the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Winged Deer Park, with its premium disc golf course and boating
  • The sunset in beautiful Founders’ Park 
  • The food and shopping in downtown
  • The Tweetsie Trail and other well-maintained greenways for cycling and walking
  • The affordable housing prices compared to other parts of Tennessee and North Carolina
  • The weather that is mild year-round, with less extreme cold than in the mountains
  • The beautiful mountain lakes nearby

That is, of course, just a small sample of what brings people to our area. If you have commercial or residential property in Johnson City or throughout the Tri-Cities, you know how important it is to preserve and protect your investment. Cates Pressure Washing helps property owners do just that with high quality, professional pressure washing services.

Pressure Washing Services in Johnson City, TN

We provide the Tri-Cities region with high-quality pressure washing services that include:

  • Power Washing: Using highly pressurized hot water, power washing helps clean black streaks and stains on brick and concrete. 
  • Concrete Cleaning: Using Mosmatic surface cleaners and a concrete solution, this method is perfect for removing oil stains and cleaning concrete that has been treated with ice-melt during winter.
  • No Pressure Roof Cleaning: Roofing needs to be cleaned regularly, but if the pressure is too high, it can damage shingles. We provide no pressure roof cleaning.
  • Low Pressure Siding Cleaning: Similarly to washing your roof, you want a low pressure wash to prevent damage to your siding. 
  • Low Pressure Washing for Other Surfaces: Your patio stone, furniture, and fencing may need a softer touch when pressure washing. We have the equipment and expertise to help with that type of cleaning. 
  • Deck Cleaning: Over time, your deck will build up a layer of dirt and grime that looks terrible and can reduce its lifespan. We can help restore your deck’s shine and preserve its life. 
  • Horse Trailer Cleaning: If you travel with horses, your trailer will start to collect dirt and dust. Let us help you make your trailer as beautiful as its cargo. 

If you can think of it, we can probably clean it. For professional pressure washing and outdoor cleaning services in Johnson City, you need the Cates Pressure Washing Team. We have the experience and expertise to restore your property’s shine. Contact us for more information and a free demonstration of what you can expect with our high-quality pressure washing.