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The housing market is absolutely insane right now. In the Tri-Cities, you almost have to have to predict a house is going to be listed in order to have a chance; otherwise, it will be off the market before you even get a chance to see it. Some are reporting that houses are selling sight-unseen. It is clear that with the prevalence of working remotely, people are moving to Johnson City and surrounding areas for the great community, access to outdoor activities, and reasonable cost of living. 

With the challenges presented to people trying to buy a home and the demand for housing, it is a great time to be an apartment complex owner. As more and more people are moving to the area, they are going to need to rent even if they intend to buy later.

Similarly, retirement communities are as in-demand as ever. As one of the largest generations in history is reaching retirement, many are finding their senior years are the perfect time to downsize and embrace the convenience of well-appointed retirement apartments. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, beautiful lakes, and majestic rivers, the Tri-Cities present the perfect backdrop for your golden years. 

Whether you have a retirement community or an apartment complex for which you are responsible, you know how important it is to put your best foot forward.

Johnson City, Tennessee, and the entire Tri-Cities region have grown significantly over the past few decades. With the surrounding beauty and access to outdoor activities, it is no wonder people are moving to the area in droves. As new residents have found their way to East Tennessee, many new businesses have opened as well. With an influx of new people moving here in addition to millions of tourists visiting, companies have found this to be a great place and in which to do business. If you are a business owner or manager, you know how important it is to keep your property clean and tidy. Our specialty is cleaning exterior surfaces. Pressure washing is helpful for bringing back your property’s shine. Here are the top five reasons to have your commercial property professionally pressure washed.

There are few places in the South as beautiful as the Tri-Cities of Tennessee. Johnson City, Elizabethton, Kingsport, and Bristol are all in the shadow of some of the tallest mountains on the East Coast. We experience all four seasons here in East Tennessee, with snow and winter weather, April and spring showers, warm and humid summers, and a beautiful display of changing leaves in fall. While we would not trade our weather for anyone else's, the frequent precipitation, falling leaves, and humidity can take their toll on our homes. Pressure washing is the solution for taking care of your outdoor surfaces. Here are seven things you need to know before you begin pressure washing.

Spring is quickly approaching here in the Tri-Cities; however, you would hardly know it. Looking outside your window, winter seems like it is firmly locked in place. We have had frequent rounds of snow and ice that may make you forget East Tennessee is technically in the South. We promise, there is an end in sight. Soon enough, temperatures will warm, flowers will grow, trees will bloom, and the hills will spring to life again.