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Outdoor Mold: Why It's Harmful and How Pressure Washing Can Help

Outdoor Mold: Why It's Harmful and How Pressure Washing Can Help

It has been a long summer here in East Tennessee. As we have transitioned into the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, there has already been a rise in the amount of moisture in our area. As the hot and dry weather continues to transition to warm and rainy, you can expect to see an increase in the development of mold and mildew around your home. 

You may think of mold as a problem primarily when it gets indoors; however, it can be an issue outside as well. As heavy rain combines with fallen leaves this fall, the environment for mold development thrives. 

Here is what you need to know about outdoor mold, and how pressure washing can help. 


What Is Mold?

Mold occurs organically and is an important part of nature. It is required for the degradation and regeneration of dead materials. 

Mold grows below leaves, under dead or decaying tree trunks, and all over the outdoors wherever there is dampness. Mold grows and thrives in areas where there is a lot of moisture. 

It can develop within 48 hours of water damage or the presence of moisture. 

Mold can be caused by high humidity, appliance and plumbing leaks, basement or foundation floods, wood rot, or anything else that holds moisture inside or outside your house.

Just because mold is a normal occurrence, that doesn’t mean it can’t be harmful to you and your family. Even outdoor growth can lead to several health issues, including:

  • Sneezing, runny nose, itching eyes, and other allergic responses
  • Coughing, wheezing, and other upper respiratory problems are all common.
  • Skin responses and redness
  • Asthma-related complications
  • Other medical problems are being investigated and identified.

Where Can You Find Mold?

There are a few key places in which homeowners should keep an eye out for mold:

  • On your roof, especially if there are fallen leaves collecting on it
  • In your gutters, especially if they are clogged with debris
  • On deck surfaces and railings
  • Near windows and doors
  • On vinyl and wood siding
  • Piles of firewood 
  • Near outdoor buildings, especially if there is water around
  • In birdbaths, fountains, and any lawn decorations
  • On outdoor play equipment like slides, swings, and trampolines
  • Anywhere water is slow to drain

While outdoor mold spores may not be someone you and your family breathe in every day, if you spend any time outside, you may not realize how much it is contributing to health issues. Pressure washing can help you wash away that harmful mold. 

How to Get Rid of Outdoor Mold

Organic waste frequently accumulates during the summer and fall. Materials that stick to surfaces and the ground create the perfect environment for the organic growth you are battling. 

You cannot count on storms to wash it away. In fact, they will only deposit a variety of organic trash afterward: petals, leaves, twigs, seeds, and sticks. Storms disperse a lot of the nutrients that mold and mildew need to thrive, as well as a lot of moisture. 

With pressure washing, a surface is blasted with concentrated quantities of water and detergent. This not only gets rid of mold and mildew, but it also gets rid of the foods that cause mold and mildew to thrive.

Should I DIY Pressure Washing?

While you can rent a power or pressure washing system and do some of the work yourself, this project can be dangerous to your home and family if done incorrectly. You will be spraying water with enough pressure to cause serious injury if someone gets in front of the blast. Furthermore, you can damage surfaces and landscaping. 

Professionals will have an eye for exactly where mold is hiding. You may get rid of some of the mold, but if any remains, it may come back quickly. 

They will be able to use the right techniques and detergents to help ensure that the mold is long gone. Additionally, when the project is finished, you will enjoy seeing the shine return to your beautiful East Tennessee home. 

Are you ready to send your outdoor mold away? Do you want your family to be able to breathe more easily when they are enjoying outdoor living spaces? Cates Pressure Washing is here to help. 

Cates Property Services and Pressure Washing Contractors has been serving northeast Tennessee and western North Carolina since 1997. 

We specialize in residential, commercial, and new construction job site pressure washing, including concrete pressure washing, concrete sealing, deck cleaning, and other pressure washing services. 

Contact us to schedule your mold-removing pressure washing project today.