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How To Tell When Your Commercial Space Needs Pressure Washing

How To Tell When Your Commercial Space Needs Pressure Washing

Maintaining a clean, professional appearance for your commercial space is crucial to upholding your business’s reputation and helping to ensure a positive customer experience. Pressure washing is an invaluable technique in this quest for cleanliness, capable of transforming the appearance of a building in no time. 

Yet, how do you decide when your commercial space truly needs a pressure wash? In this post, we are discussing some of the key signs that your commercial property’s exterior is ready to be cleaned.

Signs It’s Time To Have Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed

1) It’s Time To Have Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed if Dirt and Stains Are Visible

One of the most glaring signs that your commercial space is in dire need of pressure washing is the visible accumulation of dirt, stains, and grime on the exterior surfaces. This can give a neglected and unkempt appearance, impacting the first impressions of prospective customers or clients. 

An exterior marred by streaks of dirt requires immediate attention and the powerful cleaning that pressure washing can provide.

2) It’s Time To Have Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed if You See Mold and Mildew Growing

The presence of mold and mildew not only tarnishes the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property but also poses significant health risks. The damp and shady areas of buildings are particularly prone to such growth, and once spotted, it is essential to resort to pressure washing to mitigate health hazards and structural damage.

3) It’s Time To Have Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed if You Have Algae and Moss on Surfaces

When your commercial space is infested with moss or algae, it’s not just about aesthetics anymore; it’s a slippery, dangerous issue. These organisms make surfaces slippery and may result in accidents, leading to liability concerns for the property owner. A professional pressure washing session can eradicate these problems, offering a safe and clean environment.

4) It’s Time To Have Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed if Paint Is Fading

The vibrancy of your paintwork is an indicator of the maintenance level of your commercial space. Sun exposure, pollution, and harsh weather conditions can lead to faded, chipped, and dull paint. Regular pressure washing helps in maintaining the brightness and longevity of the paint, keeping the building looking fresh and inviting.

5) It’s Time To Have Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed if You Smell Unpleasant Odors

Stubborn, unpleasant odors around your commercial space may stem from accumulated dirt, refuse, or organic growth on the exterior. Pressure washing helps in eradicating the root of these odors, ensuring a pleasant ambiance around your property.

6) It’s Time To Have Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed If You Have Upcoming Events or Inspections

If you have any upcoming events, inspections, or visits, ensuring your commercial space is in pristine condition is vital. A comprehensive pressure washing can drastically enhance the overall appearance and cleanliness of the property, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

7) It’s Time To Have Your Commercial Property Pressure Washed if You Don’t Have a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Establishing a regular maintenance schedule is vital in managing the appearance and longevity of your commercial space. Here is a simple guideline to consider:

  • Monthly: High-traffic areas such as parking lots and walkways.
  • Quarterly: Building exteriors and facades, especially in high-pollution areas.
  • Annually: Roof surfaces and hard-to-reach areas to remove build-up and inspect for damage.

If you don’t have a regular maintenance schedule, there is a good chance it’s already time to have your commercial space pressure washed. However, even if you do have a solid maintenance and cleaning schedule, you will need to have your exterior surfaces pressure washed at some point. 

The location of your commercial space and its primary use play pivotal roles in determining the frequency of pressure washing. A commercial space located in an urban area with high pollution levels or one that deals with food services may necessitate more frequent pressure washing compared to a property in a cleaner environment or with less direct interaction with food and waste products.

Understanding when your commercial space requires pressure washing is crucial in maintaining a polished, professional image and ensuring the safety and well-being of both employees and customers. Signs like visible dirt and stains, mold and mildew growth, and algae and moss infestations are glaring indications. 

However, the importance of regular maintenance, considering the location and use of the property, and seeking professional assessment should not be undermined.

By observing your commercial property closely and adhering to the maintenance schedules and considerations highlighted, you can ensure that your business projects an image of professionalism and meticulous care, fostering trust and respect among your clients and the community at large.

Key Signs It’s Time To Clean Your Commercial Surfaces

  • Watch Out for Visible Signs: Dirt, stains, mold, mildew, and algae are clear indicators.
  • Maintain Regularly: Establish and adhere to a regular maintenance schedule based on traffic and pollution levels.
  • Seek Professional Assessment: A professional eye can spot areas that need immediate attention and recommend appropriate action.
  • Location Matters: Consider the environmental factors and the primary use of your commercial space when deciding the frequency of pressure washing.

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