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How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Clean a Driveway?

How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Clean a Driveway?

Are you tired of seeing the filth coating your driveway? Is your honey-do list so terribly long you aren’t sure if you want to tackle pressure or power wash your driveway on your own, or hire a professional? 

Power or pressure washing is frequently used to clean the outside of houses and garages, but it can also be used to clean driveways and sidewalks. Over time dirt, debris, and fuel vapors accumulate on the driveway. By power or pressure washing, which is using water under high pressure, it is much easier to remove all that buildup.

Power or pressure washing is the best method for cleaning driveways since it is quick and simple and covers a wider surface area. Not only will keeping your driveway clean and well-maintained keep the appearance beautiful, but it will also help preserve your driveway and maintain the value of your home. 

Let’s talk about the real question at hand. How much does it cost to clean and power or pressure wash a driveway? And should you tackle it yourself or hire a professional?

How Much Does Driveway Pressure Cleaning Cost?

Naturally, driveways come in a variety of sizes and shapes. As a result, the price of a power/pressure washing project will vary depending on your needs. 

The price of power/pressure washing will depend on the size of your driveway and the location of your home. Let’s look at all the factors you will need to consider before making the decision to clean your driveway on your own or hire a professional.

1. Do It Yourself

Material Costs: When you are creating your driveway cleaning budget, you will need to include the cost of the required tools and materials because they will obviously contribute to the cost.

Depending on the type of driveway, the material costs for power/pressure washing a driveway typically cost between $180 and $225. Different types of surfaces require different power/pressure washing techniques. There are many different kinds of driveways. Each has a different cleaning procedure and associated costs.

Depending on the rental provider, the cost to rent a power/pressure washer ranges from $60 to $100 per day, which typically includes four to eight hours of rental time. Depending on the size of the power/pressure washer, the type of unit, and how big it is or how much power it can utilize, you may spend more or less. 

The most popular and cost-effective power/pressure washers are those that use cold water. For cleaning off your home's siding, deck, and other buildings, they perform fantastically. Oil, grease, and grime work well with hot water power washers. They use extremely hot water, which makes cleaning easier.

Kits and Instructions: You may find several kits online that you can buy to help you do the task properly if you decide to do it yourself. Renting kits, finding in-depth instructions, and watching DIY videos can all help you learn how to power or pressure wash your driveway. Correct cleaning supplies, sealants, and other materials are included in some sets.

Types of Surfaces: Never power or pressure wash a gravel driveway or other non-solid surface. This could erode the soil and rocks, resulting in an unstable surface.


Dangers to Avoid: If you are renting equipment, you must carefully read the instructions. Professional power and pressure washers use a number of methods, including low-pressure washing, power washing, and soft cleaning, depending on the circumstance. Using a professional power or pressure washer is the best approach to stay clear of any potential problems.

In the hands of an untrained user, pressure cleaning can result in significant property damage or even bodily harm.

While power or pressure washing your driveway on your own, make sure it is not done carelessly because you risk damaging your landscaping and delicate plants. You also risk breaking windows and stripping paint and stain from your home or nearby fence. 

2. Hiring a Professional 

Equipment Included: A contractor's labor and material prices will include equipment if you are hiring them to power or pressure wash your driveway. When you contract out the power or pressure washing work, you aren't paying an extra cost for equipment in the same way that you wouldn't charge a carpenter extra for using his tools.

Chemicals Included: Your power or pressure washing professional will bring chemicals and detergents that are used to get rid of weeds, clear mold and mildew, and even bothersome dirt, grime, and fuel vapors.

Expertise: Professionals will know whether power washing or pressure washing is needed for the job at hand.

A professional company will either charge you by the hour or by the job, depending on the company. 

3. Water Usage

Power and pressure washing use very little water; therefore, has a minimal financial impact. According to data from the American Water Works Association, 1000 gallons of water cost roughly $1.50. Even while it may seem like a lot of water is utilized, power or pressure washing actually conserves water while achieving better cleaning outcomes by using air power.

4. Additional Considerations

Miscellaneous Improvements: While you are taking care of making sure your driveway is all nice and clean, spend a little extra money adding some new landscaping or lights along the sides of your driveway to spruce things up. 

If you are still unclear about tackling this project on your own or hiring a professional, read this blog, Why You Should Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company, for more useful tips.

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