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Home Pressure Washing Tips in East Tennessee

Home Pressure Washing Tips in East Tennessee

Homeownership is an amazing adventure. Searching for the perfect property, making an offer, and closing on a house is exciting and taxing. Then you begin the process of moving in and making the home your own, filling it with the memories you will cherish for life. 

There will be many smiles and great times in your new home, but ownership is a lot of work. It may feel like all your spare time is dedicated to maintenance. Among the many tasks is keeping it clean. 


While you may have a process and chores list for inside cleaning, it is easy to forget about your home's exterior. However, without routine cleaning, your home's exterior needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent the development of mold and mildew and preserve the lifespan of your surfaces. 

Pressure washing is key to keeping your home's outside surfaces clean. 

Here are six tips for how to pressure wash your house safely and effectively. 

Six Tips for Pressure Washing Your House

If you are planning on performing your own pressure washing project, here are a few tips to help you get started. 

1) Determine What Surfaces Need to Be Cleaned

Pressure washing can be a useful cleaning method for a number of surfaces, including:

  • Siding: Your home's siding can begin looking dingy and forming a layer of grime. Pressure washing can be effective in bringing them back to life. 
  • Decks and Patios: Your deck and patios are in the line of fire from falling leaves and weather-driven debris. Pressure washing can help bring their shine back and preserve the lifespans of those surfaces. 
  • Concrete: Sidewalks and driveways build up layers of oil and grime. Pressure wash them for preservation, especially after they have been treated with salt and brine for melting ice. 
  • Brick: Brick looks beautiful when it's new, but once it gets dirty, you may assume it's going to look like that forever. Pressure washing can make your brick surfaces look like new. 
  • Fencing: Before you replace your wood or vinyl fencing, consider carefully pressure washing it.

2) Take Steps to Protects Plants and Landscaping

Pressure washing involves high pressured water that can damage some landscaping. It is a good idea to cover shrubbery and sensitive plants. 

Investigate detergents and make sure they are biodegradable before using them in your system. Furthermore, bring potted plants inside before you begin washing your surfaces. 

3) Make Sure You Select the Right Nozzle 

It's critical to utilize the proper nozzle and pressure for the work at hand. Pressure cleaning siding is not the same as pressure washing a deck, outdoor furniture, or lawn equipment. 

You want a thorough cleaning without causing any damage. The amount of pressure, the angle of the water flow, and the material being cleaned all factor into your choice of nozzle. 

4) Practice Property Pressure Washing Safety 

Pressure washing can be dangerous. Before you get started, make sure you put away all toys, equipment, and other objects. Remember that water can enter your home through vents and holes, so seal these with plastic and heavy-duty tape. 

Because water and electricity don't mix well, turn off all of your outside outlets if at all possible. If you cannot cut the electricity, make sure you cover the outlets. 

Once you get started, make sure no one comes outside or within range of the system. Be especially careful around windows and doors. 

5) Know When You Should Choose Low Pressure Washing

As pressure washing techniques and technology continue to advance, there are more options than ever for effectively cleaning your exterior surfaces. In many cases, low pressure washing is used to clean areas that are susceptible to damage with high pressure. 

You might want to investigate situations wherein you can use a low pressure washing system to clean certain surfaces.  

6) Bring In the Pros

You have plenty of projects to perform at home; bring in the pros for your pressure washing project. Some of the benefits of professional pressure washing include:

  • Avoiding expensive rental fees and the pressure to get the project done in a single day
  • Knowing that every safety step is being implemented
  • Professionals may choose to employ different methods like low pressure washing
  • The pros will know what detergents to use in various situations 
  • You can trust that your exterior surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned 
  • You save time and, in many cases, money by bringing in the professionals 

In East Tennessee, you can trust your professional pressure washing project to the team at Cates Pressure Washing Service. 

We offer hot water pressure washing, low pressure washing, and high pressure washing when needed. Each project is done using top-grade cleaning products that are designed for your special needs.

Contact Cates Pressure Washing for more information about how we can make sure your exterior surfaces are clean and well-preserved.