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5 Professional Window Cleaning Tasks for Apartments and Retirement Communities

5 Professional Window Cleaning Tasks for Apartments and Retirement Communities

The housing market is absolutely insane right now. In the Tri-Cities, you almost have to have to predict a house is going to be listed in order to have a chance; otherwise, it will be off the market before you even get a chance to see it. Some are reporting that houses are selling sight-unseen. It is clear that with the prevalence of working remotely, people are moving to Johnson City and surrounding areas for the great community, access to outdoor activities, and reasonable cost of living. 

With the challenges presented to people trying to buy a home and the demand for housing, it is a great time to be an apartment complex owner. As more and more people are moving to the area, they are going to need to rent even if they intend to buy later.

Similarly, retirement communities are as in-demand as ever. As one of the largest generations in history is reaching retirement, many are finding their senior years are the perfect time to downsize and embrace the convenience of well-appointed retirement apartments. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, beautiful lakes, and majestic rivers, the Tri-Cities present the perfect backdrop for your golden years. 

Whether you have a retirement community or an apartment complex for which you are responsible, you know how important it is to put your best foot forward.

One of the keys to attracting tenants and maximizing profits is keeping your exterior windows cleaned professionally by a pressure washing company like Cates Pressure Washing. 

Here is what you need to know about professional window cleaning in our area. 

Five Reasons to Have Your Apartment or Retirement Home Windows Professionally Cleaned

1) Professionally Cleaned Windows Helps Attract Tenants

There are a lot of great apartment buildings and retirement communities in East Tennessee. If you want to make an impression on prevention tenants, the appearance of your exterior surfaces will make a significant first impression. Potential residents will see the exterior windows and immediately have a sense for how much you care for your property and tenants. In addition to windows, of course, people will be considering other factors, including:

  • Cleanliness of the parking lots
  • Concrete sidewalks and curbs
  • The condition of doors and windows
  • Dumpster areas 
  • Outdoor seating and common areas
  • Stairwells and walkways

Showing you care about your property will help communicate that you also care about your residents. 

2) Professionally Cleaned Windows Help Improve Energy Efficiency

Windows can develop a dingy film that obscures natural lighting. While it is frustrating for residents who clean the inside of their windows, only to still have their view of the outdoors blocked, it also prevents the sun from doing the work of heating an apartment. Whether you have tenants who pay their own energy bills or those costs are included for your retirement community residents, professionally cleaning outdoor windows can help offset the heating energy required from HVAC systems. This may only make a minor difference for each tenant but can really add up when you factor in every resident. 

3) Professionally Cleaned Windows Are a Service to Your Tenants 

You expect your tenants to care for the apartments you supply. You can show you appreciate their efforts by helping keep exterior surfaces like windows clean. 

4) Professionally Cleaned Windows Keep Your Staff Safe

Someone has to clean the windows. Whether it is you or your staff, there are going to be safety concerns for DIYing your exterior window cleaning project. If you try to do it by hand, you may have untrained employees on ladders, which is always a potential hazard. Otherwise, you may attempt to rent a pressure washing system. 

There is always a curve when learning a new system, and it is easy to damage a window or have a bad encounter with the pressurized water. 

Keep your people safely doing what they do best by hiring a professional window cleaning team. 

5) Professionally Cleaned Windows Provide Opportunities for Other Exterior Cleaning

If you hire pressure washers to help with your exterior windows, they will likely be able to take care of your other exterior cleaning projects as well. 

A professional pressure washing team like Cates Pressure Washing can give you tips and advice on what should be cleaned and how often you need to bring in professional pressure washers. We have various techniques to fit different situations, so your property is cleaned thoroughly and safely.

If you are in the Johnson City area or anywhere in the Tri-Cities, Cates Pressure Washing can help. We have over two decades of experience cleaning apartment complexes and retirement communities throughout East Tennessee. 

Contact us for more information about how we can help your property stand out to potential tenants and residents while maintaining and preserving the lifespan of your exterior surfaces. 

Let us bring our award-winning pressure washing services to you.